Heated / Cooled Seats

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Heated Seat Systems

Order # SCS004
Luxury Order # SCS005

Cold day chills and long drive fatigue can be a thing of the past, when you have seat heaters installed in your vehicle.

Safe, reliable and easy to use line of seat heaters will keep you warm and cozy. Available for install on both factory cloth seats and of course with leather interior.

Seat heaters also provide excellent therapeutic relief to heat benefiting back problems.

  • Best in warmth and comfort.
  • Seat Heaters can be added to existing factory cloth and leather seats.
  • Heated seats can be added to the rear passenger seats on most vehicles.
  • Carbon fiber heating elements.
  • Industry's safest technology.
  • Same technology utilized by most OEMs.
  • Most efficient and balanced heat.

Seat Heater Pads are installed on the lean back and cushion. Some vehicles prohibit a heat pad on the passenger cushion/lean back because of the airbag sensor.

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Cooled and Heated Seats

2 Row Vehicles w/Leather Interior Upgrade
Order # RWCCS0002

3 Row Vehicles w/ Leather Interior Upgrade
Order # RWCCS0042

True forced-air cooling and heating combined with our premium leather

Installed on both front seats, climate controlled seating brings comfort
and luxury reserved for more expensive models.

Using Amerigon’s Thermal Electric Device (TED) and specially designed blowers.

Cooled or heated air is forced through special foam and perforated leather, providing true air conditioned or heated seating - the same technology utilized on most OEM cooled and heated seats.

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